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360 Arts School

Whether your child is a rising star or just needs to build confidence and make new friends, 360 Arts offers a fun, safe place where they can explore their capabilities and realise their full potential as well as unlocking hidden talents and inspiring creative sparks.

360 Arts are committed to nurturing the most shy, self-conscious of characters whilst embracing and channelling larger than life personalities. So, whether your child just needs to improve their communication skills, public speaking, co-ordination and grow in confidence or they wish to pursue a career in the performing arts, our professional, trained teachers will work to your child’s individual strengths and capabilities whilst giving them a solid foundation in the three main performance disciplines.

Although children do not have to be trained at 360 Arts www.360arts.co.uk where possible we do recommend attending our classes, not only for continued professional training, but so that we can regularly observe the young actors development which helps inform us of their strengths and capabilities when it comes to submitting them for jobs.   

Audition Coaching

Developing Confidence

Nurturing Potential

School Address:

360 Arts, Performing Arts School
Middlesex University,
The Burroughs,

We are currently looking for talented children to sign. For info email tilly@360arts.co.uk and 360arts@outlook.com

360 Arts Management (Carol) – 07961 040214

For information about classes at our performing arts school, go to www.360arts.co.uk

360 Arts Performing Arts School –360arts@outlook.com  – 07961 025582