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About Us

360 Arts Management is a London based agency for child actors and young performers specialising in Film, Theatre, TV and Commercial work in the UK and Internationally.
Affiliated with 360 Arts, Performing Arts School, www.360arts.co.uk
360 Arts Management specialises in nurturing young talent and guiding new careers.

If you are interested in representation please email us at info@360arts.management and 360arts@outlook.com  with a recent headshot, which doesn’t have to be professionally taken, just a good clear, shoulder-length photo (Please also include a full length photo if possible) and an up to date CV. If the child has no previous experience, then please write a paragraph or so telling us about any training they might have had, include skills and any other information which might be of interest. If you have a link to a YouTube or Vimeo page, to view a reel or some footage of your child in action, please also include that.

As well as talent it is important that the child has a supportive family who keep the lines of communication with us open, can get their children to auditions on time and often last minute, and are prepared to process paperwork quickly for child working licenses and of course can see a job through professionally.

Although children do not have to be trained at 360 Arts www.360arts.co.uk

Where possible we do recommend attending our classes, not only for continued professional training, but so that we can regularly observe the young actors development which helps inform us of their strengths and capabilities when it comes to submitting them for jobs.   

360 Arts Management
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360 Arts, Performing Arts School
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